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Announcing OMP Daily!

 - by Peter

We’re happy to announce today a new addition to the Oh My Pod! Network… Oh My Pod! Daily.

Beginning Monday March 7th we will be brining you a new show hosted by Peter and our newest host here at OMP… Chuti. Oh My Pod Daily will be an 30 minute, almost daily show where we will talk about all things Gomo. Tech News, Mac News, Music, Movies, Video Games, Cars etc.

This show will be in addition to the normal Oh My Pod! Podcast. For the next two weeks, we’ll be putting Oh My Pod! Daily right into the normal OMP Feed so you’ll be able to sample the show! After that, there will be a new feed to follow for Oh My Pod! Daily.

There will be a total of five shows a week. Monday thru Thursday there will be an Oh My Pod! Daily for you to listen to and on Fridays there will be the normal weekly Oh My Pod!.

We hope you will enjoy this new show and as we’re just starting, we’d love to hear from you and to get your feedback. As always you can send email to feedback at!

Crap – We lost our K7 number, again!

 - by Peter

Yeap… we did it again, no one called in the last 30 days and we once again forgot to call the number ourselves and so we needed to get a new number. Sadly for us, K7 took away the ability to get a Vanity number so…. we have a new number but it doesn’t have OMP in it. Update your records and we’ll update our site… the new number is:

206-666-6286 or 206-66-NO-BUNK

I don’t want the world, I just want to be mentioned on

 - by pinoyboy

Talk about good karma! In our episode 110 [ link ] about music, iPods, and They Might Be Giants, we mentioned the wiki This Might Be a Wiki ( This weird wacky Internet thing worked its magic, lo and behold the operator of the site found out about it. We made it onto the recent news feed in the front page!

It all comes full circle… err maybe a spiraling shape?

Moving time…

 - by Peter

Sometime this week, I will be moving the site from the IIS server it’s on to a Linux server where PMP Podcast is hosted.

I think it will occur on Wednesday but I’m not sure. More info as it comes.