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Dim Sum with Brad and John

 - by Peter

Day two in Kansas City and we are us having dim sum with John and Brad
and Maiko.

There was a little photo shoot before we ate… Pinoyboy and John…

hey now everybody now!

 - by pinoyboy

tootling for pictures of the show that peter and I went to, i found this on
Link: about the show
Link: pictures of the show

Too bad I’ll never find out who that cute guy in the blue shirt that was nearby us… but there was an interesting quote listed there. Perhaps in reference to stoned guy we mentioned in episode 200. [ link to the tweet ]

– Flansburgh informed a sweaty, stoned, shirtless, dancing guy that the whole show was an elaborate intervention for him. “You’ve hit rock bottom.”

Happy Anniversary Pinoyboy!

 - by Peter

Today is Pinoyboy’s 1 year anniversary with Oh My Pod! It was on year ago today, that he first appeared on Episode 87!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it was not for Pinoyboy, there would not be an Oh My Pod! right now. Please join me in congratulating him on making to a year!

Thoughts about the 200th Episode

 - by Peter

Wow, I can’t believe that we made it to 200 episodes. I never thought back when I started this show that I’d make it to 100 episodes, let alone 200!

I wanted to thank you all for listening to us. For giving us feedback and for supporting us.

I also wanted to thank Pinoyboy. Not only did he do a fantastic job editing the podcast and troubleshooting the post, but if it weren’t for him, I really do not think there would be a podcast right now!

Thanks to everyone for making this possible. I’m still blown away that you listen and like us.