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No PodCast today…

 - by Peter

Sorry, no podcast today, there are two reasons for that…the first is instead of working on the ‘cast I recorded this morning, I worked on some stuff for the site, I took out sections that aren’t ready yet, linked the contact page (it’s still not perfect) and fixed a lot of the CSS. I’ll be doing some more work this weekend.

The second is… I recorded a podcast on the way to work this morning, inspired after listening to two episodes of Fox and the City while getting ready for work. I listened tonight to the podcast and aside from rambling about Wanda Wisdom like ten times, I channeled Ragan for at least half the show. I didn’t mean to. I guess after hearing him for almost an hour I was in the mindset of his jokes and timing. I felt it would be in bad taste to post it so I’m gonna record tomorrow morning instead. Unless Ragan tunes in and says it’s okay… that one will be shelved…

The Other O!

 - by Peter

We got a mention on the Other O Show today. They are great and as I’ve said in my Podcast, they put on a great show!

Thanks you two!

The Other O Show!