Oh My Pod! Daily – Episode 123 – October 25, 2011 – Show Notes

 - by Peter

Show Notes for Tuesday October 25, 2011

Apple Joins Oreos And Capri Sun As Most Popular Youth Brand
Steve Jobs left iTunes creator in charge of connected TV initiative
Condé Nast subscriptions up 268% since Newsstand launch
Apple ‘expected’ to release LTE 4G iPhone in 2012
Fraser Speirs’s Week With iOS 5
Market Share Claim Chowder
iPad and Mac disruptions
Thanks to iPad, tablets outsell netbooks nearly 2 to 1
Tablet takeover: Pew study shows how tablets are changing consumer behavior [infographic]
Amazon’s Kindle Fire Will Become To the Video Industry What the iPod Was To the Music Industry [Kindle Fire]
Bluetooth Smart announced, iPhone 4S is ready
RIM to release PlayBook OS 2.0 mid-February, still struggling with multi-device BBM support
Nest—Introducing a Thermostat Steve Jobs Would Love
Batman: Arkham City ships 4.6M in first week, 2M sold
Grand Theft Auto 5 announced, includes guide to Roman numerals

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