Oh My Pod! Daily – Episode 124 – October 26, 2011 – Show Notes

 - by Peter

Show Notes for Wednesday October 26, 2011

PBS to Air ‘Steve Jobs – One Last Thing’ Documentary on November 2nd
Apple Building Solar Farm at North Carolina Data Center
Apple Online Store Begins Offering In-Store Pickup in San Francisco
Apple awarded patent for touchscreen slide-to-unlock gesture
iPhone 4S launch drives record number of BlackBerry trade-ins
Toyota introduces Touch Life smartphone mirroring system, your Prius and iPhone can become one
New Touchscreen From SMK Designed To Work With Gloved Hands
Droid RAZR pre-orders go live on Verizon tomorrow, ships to Blur fans before November 10th
21-Month-Old Nexus One ‘Too Old’ for Android 4.0 Upgrade
Nokia Unveils First ‘Lumia’ Phones Based on Windows Phone 7.5
Are Nokia’s Flagship Windows Phones Even Coming to the US? [Nokia]
Nokia’s kinetic future: flexible screens and a twisted interface (video)
HP might revive TouchPad as a Windows 8 tablet
ANA’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner touches down after first international flight
Boeing 787 Reviewed: Well Worth the Wait [Airplanes]
The Air Force’s Rocket-Killing Megawatt Laser Runs on Rocket Fuel [Video]
You’re Not Done with Arkham City Yet
PSA: Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 servers are down, EA “aware”
Report: GTA V to be set in Los Angeles, will feature multiple playable characters
ThunderCats Brings Back the Berbils, Bitches

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