Year: 2005

Oh My Pod! – Episode 37

 - by Peter

Episode 37

I ramble on and talk about Part One of my trip to LA and Disneyland.

Guests: None

Recorded: 12/13/2005, on the road in the car

Length: 22:40

Size: 15.6 MB

California here I come

 - by Peter

That’s right listener’s we’re in LA baby. Well the OC but hey don’t hold it against us. Sadly there is no Scott Mindeaux around but if you’re out there, let us know. I am going to do my best to podcast a few times while I’m out here but if you haven’t already checked out my blog, now would be an excellent time to do so as I will blog about my trip as well.

Vacation’s all I ever wanted… Vacation having to get away…

Oh My Pod! – Episode 36

 - by Peter

Episode 36

Sorry for the lack of quality. I used the iRiver without the external mic to record Shawn and I on our way to the airport. I’ll try to do better next time! Enjoy.

Guests: Shawn

Recorded: 12/8/2005, on the road in the car

Length: 29:31

Size: 20.3 MB