Year: 2005

Oh My Pod! – Episode 35

 - by Peter

Episode 35

Back at last. Weekend update, Cingular, Superstition, Feedback and getting cruised at the mall.

Guests: None

Recorded: 12/05/2005, on the road in the car

Length: 31:50

Size: 21.9 MB

Moving time…

 - by Peter

Sometime this week, I will be moving the site from the IIS server it’s on to a Linux server where PMP Podcast is hosted.

I think it will occur on Wednesday but I’m not sure. More info as it comes.


 - by Peter

I’m sorry for the pause. I had best intentions this weekend for a podcast but…no dice.

I will try to get a show out today, plus I have a guest scheduled for Tuesday nite, and I will try to podcast from Cali!

If you ever get bored waiting, you can always hear me over at the PMP Podcast.