Oh My Pod! – Episode 632 – These Are Our Beavers

 - by Peter

Episode 632 – These Are Our Beavers

What’s On Our Radar?, Seene, ICONIC the book, Are 12″ Retina MacBooks and Cheaper iMacs coming?, will there be an Apple event next Tuesday?, iPad mini Retina yes or no?, FlipCase, does it matter that the iPhone 5S is outselling the 5C?, Apple’s new campus, Is the 5S crashing more? Google Gem, Is Android More secure? Will Netflix come to Cable boxes, the HTC One Max, are Android phones bigger cause they suck more and is AT&T’s next really that bad?

Hosts: Chuti, Peter and Pinoyboy
Guests: None

Recorded: 10/14/2013 via Google Hangouts/Übercaster

Mono | 100:51 | 48.5 MB

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