Oh My Pod! – Episode 686 – The enormous billboard in your pocket (video)

 - by Peter

Episode 686 – The enormous billboard in your pocket

Weekend updates, What’s on our radar?, Peggle Blast irritations, Destiny DLC and the Iron Banner, DOJ tries to compel apple to bypass iPhone encryption, Firefox coming to iOS, Transmit and the Share Sheet, Tintype, iPad Air 2 “Change” Ad, Tim Cook nominated for TIME’s person of the year, 10% of consumers ‘Very Likely’ to buy a smart watch, but do we care?, New 4-inch iPhone in 2015?, Apple patents a way to make your iPhone land on it’s feet and Bluetooth 4.2 brings direct internet connectivity.

Hosts: Chuti, Peter and Pinoyboy
Guests: None

Recorded: 12/08/2014 via Google Hangouts/Übercaster

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