Oh My Pod! – Episode 822 – Dump and Go!

 - by Peter

Episode 822 – Dump and Go!

Catching up with the boys, Peter goes to Boston to visit Chuti, Chuti’s b-day, Pibi goes to NOLA, What’s on our radar?, iPhone X is the world’s most popular smartphone, Apple and Texture and the future of magazines, 20th anniversary of the iMac, Will the next iPhone come with a USBC charger?, will the 2019 iPhone have a third camera, wither the iPhone SE, What does the 2018 line up look like? and TiVo and Alexa get together.

Hosts: Chuti, Peter and Pinoyboy
Guests: None

Recorded: 05/14/2018 via Google Hangouts/Übercaster

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