Oh My Pod! – Episode 878 – But it is your fault

 - by Peter

Episode 878 – But it is your fault

Chuti is preparing to go home to Thailand, freezing his balls off playing football and saw two good movies, Pibi’s new haircut finally gets noticed because he didn’t wear his glasses and his new coat/sunglasses combo broke his Face ID, and he really wants a manual, Peter watched 9 to 5, got a new Switch, found a new burger, some new shoes, and still doesn’t like the the AirPods Pro, What’s on our radar?, Apple releases the first betas of 13.3, and sold more watches, is the 16″ MBP coming this week, and the T-mobile and Sprint merger gets FCC approval.

Hosts: Chuti, Peter and Pinoyboy
Guests: None

Recorded: 11/11/2019

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